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1st Trimester

$925.00 (approximate cost 1st trimester)



CPR Certification included in tuition
Name Pin
Watch with a Second Hand
Nurse Tote (includes lab supplies)
Pulse Oximeter
Shoes (White Leather)
Royal Scrub Top with Logo, Pants, 2 Jackets
Nursing Cap
Nursing Pin (for men)

Approximate total for supplies 

$16.00-$49.99 (dependent upon brand)
$69.99 (maximum, starts at $49.99)
$187.00 (4 sets of tops/pants)


NOTE: The uniforms and accessory prices are estimated costs at the time this is published. If the student has the non-uniform items, stethoscope, watch, gait belt, pen light and bandage scissors, these items will not need to be purchased. The student must purchase the uniforms and name pin from the uniform provider designated by the program. Additional items may be purchased independently.


Estimated First Trimester Cost: $7217.00

2nd Trimester

$350.00(approximate cost)


Estimated Second Trimester Cost: $6217.00


3rd Trimester

Tuition  $5866.00


Estimated Third Trimester Cost: $5866.00

MSBN Application
Student responsibility - Not Added into program cost

MSBN Application Fee  
Passport Photo
$53.00 (approximate cost)
$41.00 (initial nursing license)         
Price dependent upon location

Total Estimated Program Cost $19,300.00