Safety Tips While Using Public Transportation


MetroBus, MetroLink, and Metro-Call-A- Ride have all implemented some changes with their routes and in response to COVID-19. 

Please be aware that many of the public transportation hubs have implemented new cleaning and disinfecting protocols to provide extra cleaning and disinfecting efforts to keep all passengers and employees safe.

"MetroBus – Metro has temporarily waived cash fares on MetroBus. MetroBus passengers do not need to purchase their fare at the farebox, and do not need to present their ticket or pass to the operator. All passengers are asked to use the rear doors to board and exit their bus.

MetroLink – Valid fare is still required for MetroLink. All passengers must have a valid ticket or pass while riding MetroLink.

Metro Call-A-Ride – Metro has temporarily waived cash fares on Metro Call-A-Ride.

MetroBus and Metro Call-A-Ride cash fares are temporarily waived until April 14, 2020."

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