Students ARE NOT required to purchase their textbooks from the school. The titles, ISBN numbers, and the school's prices are listed below for students to use in evaluating prices and/or textbook use programs that best meet their individual needs.





Personal and Vocational Concepts - Nursing Leadership, Management, and Professional Practice for the LPN/LVN in Nursing School and Beyond, 6th edition, Anderson

ISBN: 9780803660854


Personal and Vocational Concepts - How to Survive and Maybe Even Love Health Professions School, 2012

ISBN: 9780803623651

Anatomy and Physiology - Understanding Anatomy and Physiology, 3rd Edition, Thompson with accompanying workbook study guide

ISBN: 9780803698215

Fundamentals of Nursing - Fundamental Concepts/Skills for Nursing 5th Edition 2017

ISBN: 9780323396219

Fundamentals of Nursing - Fundamental Concepts/Skills for Nursing 5th Edition 2017 Study Guide

ISBN: 9780323483261

Human Growth and Development - Nursing of Children, and Maternal-Newborn Nursing - Safe Maternity & Pediatric Nursing Care, 2017 (Packaged with Study Guide)

ISBN: 9780803658615

Administration of Medications/Pharmacology - Pharmacology Clear and Simple Guide to Drug Classifications and Dosage Calculation 3rd Edition

ISBN: 9780803666528

Administration of Medications/Pharmacology - Davis Nursing Skills Videos for LPN/LVN 2019 ISBN: 9780803677517 $55.33
PassPoint Review for the NCLEX-PN© Examination (Lippincott) Online Access $159.99
Administration of Medications/Pharmacology - Davis’s Drug Guide 2019 Edition together with Taber's Medical Dictionary 23rd Edition ISBN: 9780803669345 $103.95
Geriatric Nursing - Caring for the Older Adults Holistically 7th Edition/Anderson

ISBN: 9780803689923

Behavioral Health Nursing - Neeb's Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing 5th Edition 2018 ISBN: 9780803669130 $64.85
Medical/Surgical Nursing - Introduction to Medical Surgical Nursing 7th Edition, 2020, Elsevier

ISBN: 9780323554596

Additional Study Material for Medical-Surgical Nursing: HESI Version Comp Review NCLEX-PN, 6th Edition, 2020, Anderson

ISBN: 9780323653480