Kim Rau, MHA, BSN, RN
PN Program Coordinator
Southern Illinois University                       
Edwardsville, BSN
Capella University, MHA

Jill Dace, BSN RN
South Tech Site Coordinator
Central Methodist University, BSN

Samantha Medford, MSN, RN
MET Center Site Coordinator
Chamberlain College of
Nursing, BSN
Western Governors
University, MSN


















As the Adult Technical Education Department of the Special School District, Applied Technology Services provides affordable, career-focused technical education to help our students achieve their career goals. Beginning in 1968, the school began by providing cutting-edge technical and career training to adult students throughout St. Louis County.

Today we educate and train roughly 120 students each year in the Practical Nursing field. We can help you to join the thousands of students who began their path to success with Applied Technology Services.


To work collaboratively with business and industry to equip students with the knowledge, competencies, self-confidence and self-esteem to be successful in today's changing workplace by providing career-focused technical training that results in meaningful employment opportunities for our students.  


To provide a learning experience that is meaningful and valuable to both the students and the employers of our community.

Our Goal

To be the best source of career and technical training programs and services based on the most current research, practice, and industry standards.

We Believe

All students are unique and have the ability to learn.

That the most powerful forms of education are meaningful, involve the student, promote critical thinking and appeal to different learning styles.

Life-long learning plays a definitive role in life-long success.

All students can attain high technical standards with practical application of knowledge.

Continuous staff development provides professional opportunities to better serve students.

Respect, honesty and open communication promote a sense of trust, well-being and foster self-esteem.


Applied Tech is a department within the Special School District of St. Louis County which is accredited by the Council on Occupation Education. Accreditation is a status of recognition that is granted to an institution which complies with the eligibility requirements, standards, procedures, and obligations adopted by the member institutions of the Council. Accreditation does not certify that every facet of an institution is of equal quality, but it does indicate that no part of the institution is so weak that the educational effectiveness of the institution as a whole and its services to students will be undermined.


Full-Time Faculty

Sherry Espinoza, MSN, RN
F.W. Olin Vocational School, LPN

Sanford Brown College, RN
Chamberlin College of Nursing, BSN
Chamberlin College of Nursing, MSN

Cassandra Johnson, BSN, RN
Missouri Western State, ASN

St. Louis University, BSN
Webster University, MA, Healthcare

Mark Karnowski, BSN, RN
St. Louis University, BSN
University of Missouri, MA
University of Phoenix, MA

Marnie Stroud, MSN, RN
Lewis and Clark Community College, ADN
University of Phoenix, BSN

Michelle Wallweber, BSN, RN
University of Phoenix, BSN

Capella University, MSN

Adjunct Faculty

Nancy Bjur, BSN, RN
St. Louis University, BSN

Renalda T. Carter, MSN, RN
St Louis Community College, ADN

University of Missouri at St Louis, BSN
University of Missouri at St Louis, MSN

Shannon Feldewerth, BSN, RN
Missouri State University, BS-Communications

Goldfarb School of Nursing, BSN

Kim Huelsing, BSN, RN
Goldfarb School of Nursing, BSN

Patricia Minnella, MSN, RN
Southern Illinois University, MSN

Southern Illinois University, BSN
St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing, Nursing Diploma 

Rose Winkelmann, BSN, RN
St. Louis University, BSN